Nattyism Dictionary
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Nateoke:  (nat-ee-o-kee)
Humiliation of friends getting them to sing along to songs in exchange for a cold Natty Light.
Natiotism:  (nat-ee-o-tis-m)
Honor of one's love and honor for Natural Light.
Nattaway:  (natt-a-way)
The correct response for the direction to the nearest ice cold Natural Light.
Nattygating:  (nat-e-gate-ing)
The ultimate in tailgating consisting of Natural Light, great BBQ, you and your friends, and lots of cheerleaders.
The guarantee of quality in freshness and taste each time you crack open a refreshing Natural Light.
Diplo Natt: 
An official Natural Light Salesperson.
The magical time of the day that the clock strikes to recognize the first Natural Light of the Day.
Natador:  (nat-a-dor)
An individual who side steps or avoids contributing cash for a Natty Light beer run.